Shinrin-Yoku Dance

Being open and honest about this new element to our offerings entitled, Shinrin-Yoku Dance, we are doing our own 'interpretive dance' in what we are presenting here (that's not to say we haven't 'nailed it' in our own way!).  We have met with and consulted some who self-describe as 'forest dancers.' That has been insightful for sure. The first reference to Shinrin-Yoku Dance that we know comes from a video by Tom Weksler (inserted below). This video is what is; it is shot well, featuring some dancers who seemingly have much experience dancing and they are indeed outside in nature. And, this isn't what we're doing here - you don't have to be a professional dancer to join one of our sessions! We will, however, be outside in nature as well.

Tom Weksler Video: Shinrin-Yoku Dance.

As we offer it here, Shinrin-Yoku Dance is the marriage of what we call Intuitive Nature Movement, and the practice of Shinrin Yoku. Shinrin Yoku is Japanese literally meaning, 'forest bathing' or 'taking in the atmosphere of the forest.' Intuitive Nature Movement is a term we made up to define what one does if one finds a spot in nature and moves to the beat of their felt sense of place, heightened by an acknowledged connection to nature. Oh, one's connection to nature is where Shinrin Yoku comes in.

In N.A. (and now many other parts of the world, like Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, etc.), Shinrin Yoku has been termed Forest Therapy by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT). In short, Forest Therapy Guides lead participants through a series of invitations to help them take in their surroundings through their many senses. This helps people slow down and disengage from thought, often leading to a strong connection to nature. So the chocolate and peanut butter here are intuitive nature movements and Shinrin Yoku. And, oh, a little bit of guidance in both, from a Dance Guide and a Shinrin Yoku/Forest Bathing Guide. That's what we offer in our personal sessions and planned events.

When you see a bee and your instinct isn't to run the other way, what kind of movement does this inspire in your bee-ing?

When you see a bee and your instinct isn't to run the other way, what kind of movement does this inspire in your bee-ing?

Being Natural In Nature
Whatever you call it, doesnt' artistic free-flowing movement in nature just makes sense? I'm sure our ancestors from many cultures around the world would be saying, "You don't dance outside in nature anymore?" Sure, occasionally many of us horse around and many traditions (ie. Native Cultures) still make an effort to dance outside in ceremony. It is surprising it doesn't happen more frequently, and with less planning. Many of us have experienced the energy that is created when one rejoins nature in a connected manner. What a wonderful thing to start another avenue to dance in nature once again!

Really, How Does It Work?
We lead you into nature. Shinrin Yoku helps you relax and take in the healing powers of the ecosystem. We teach a translation of this raw nature energy into a natural flow of moves. Of course, there are different levels of complexity, based on an individual's physicality, flexibility and choice on where they wish to take the movements. We do this in a manner that assists people in getting comfortable flowing with movement in nature with others around. Sure there are some big trees behind which one can somewhat conceal themselves and practice, but the whole point is to share this practice, express and feel what nature has to offer your bones, muscles, skin, and spirit.

There are two ways to get involved: 
Join an existing, pre-planned event: Reserve Spot/Pay for Event to sign up for our next Intuitive Earth Dancing Session.  

Make a request to book an individual or group session for personal discovery, growth, a party with friends or any other special event.

Forest Dance

Opening up to the energy in the forest is exhilarating. Request a session near you or come to our forest dance locations.

field dance

Grassy fields with wildflowers are magical hubs.  Learn some intuitive field moves & find peace and fun in the meadow!

Water dance

Nothing is as revitalizing or as fun as dancing in soothing water. Book an amazing session in wonderful, water!