We have started offering sessions of Yoga in nature. As practitioners of Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) we have a tie to immersing people in the natural medicines of the forest, prairie, savanna or wetland or beaches. What is slightly different from an indoor class is of course obvious; fresh air, sounds of bird songs, breeze through the trees, foxes barking, or the swish of grass under your mat. In addition to

healthy air often filled with airborne medicines, such as Phytoncides (essential wood oils emitted by certain trees), being on the ground gets you that much closer to Earth. Put your mat too close to 'that bush over there,' however, and you soon realize that every rose has its thorn!

Seriously, the weather can be contentious, the bears can be brash, and yes, the mosquitoes can bite. This is to say, for all the benefits of being immersed in nature, there are some adjustments and levels of comfort that need to be tweaked or adapted. Don't worry; we walk you (and stretch you) through that.  We also collaborate with a number of Yoga Instructors, co-designing, co-instructing the classes. Stay tuned for a listing of Yoga Instructors soon to be joining our roster. Our Yoga-In-Nature also differs from a traditional yoga class format in that:  

  • Classes are opened with a 'Pleasure of Presence Invitation'; straight from Shinrin-Yoku, the instructor calls the senses to notice
  • At the end of the asanas, a brief sit in a circle, or council is conducted with an optional sharing of personal reflections concurrently with a wildcrafted tea ceremony (often brewed using parts of (flowers, leaves) wild plants foraged right adjacent to the area of practice).

Please see Reserve Spot/Pay for Event for our class listings. Most classes are in London, ON, Canada, but others will be added in Toronto, Kitchener and Hamilton.